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Error irrelevant keywords, you are simply harmful to the vitality of the sides and a piece to be achieved, will not be made seo services in india and there will be no results in the key areas of marketing and sales. Perhaps the most important tool to find relevant keywords from Google's free Google Keyword Tool SEO and meta tags (tags) Meta tags are tags that you give to your pages. Although there are a number of labels, we will take the key. Meta tags help search machines to understand the name on your web pages, the information they contain, to form the information shown in the results of search engines and seo company how each page indexed by them. 

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Make sure each page on your blog has its own unique set of labels. Or existence marriages labels or double can actually negatively affect the classification. A very useful SEO tool to automate the process of SEO in general with meta tags word press seo by Jews. Of course, we should be very careful when using tools or further above, because the auxiliary can not replace the human hand or the human mind. In addition, each additive is not a panacea, because it can add a lot of useless code to your page. No ugly adding only extra programs or poorly top seo company in india written code.

Titles because this tag is the page title. Inform search engines about the content of your page, while showing results pages search engine. The title should generally not be more than words or characters including holes. This is the maximum number of words or characters appear in Google results. If the title is more than the size is not shown, and the situation will get ellipsis dots. This is expected to increase in the future, but it is good to take precautions.


The reason you need only seven lines of code, is that Google weighs the importance of each word on the label. The more words, the lower the seriousness of Google. So it is very important title tags of the main subject of the side and focus on specific keywords that you define. Giants Google first pages including the keywords in the title tags! Keywords are your potential customers looking for when they search online. Use the key positions| Separate words or key terms when you photograph in a more keywords in the title tags. For example, if you have an e-store with clothes and keywords they women summer campaigns and green bikini, have something like that to take: Women's summer special| green bikini description principle factor is the code a description of your page or blog. 

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This appears just under the title of your website on the search results pages of search engine. You have the keyword at least twice in the description of your page. You try a course description and to create at least two times the keywords on your page. Your description should be more attractive to users and captivate your to click here side drive. For example: How much money from the Internet View user meant to make that money on the Internet, via their own blog done. Example: take money from the Internet, take money, money online, make money, make your blog excessive purchases and stuck description with keywords and can the opposite effect on search engines have.

Twice keywords is enough. Keywords in principle tags with keywords is another way your machine to your page content update. There are many theories about the codes keywords and their severity. The reality is that the term is no point in having it if not in general the topic of your site to do, and are not in accordance with the content you. NB on keywords with the most important keywords on your site include, but should be parted of keywords in your page are strategically selected locations. Avoid stuffing keywords in the text.

A density of words are allowed, while the upper negative signals to the search engines could be. Separate keywords with a comma roof Keywords:. Robots in principle, relatively easy seo services in india for all labels, labeling of the robot. These signals Google Bot, Google's search engine spider to access the page. It is believed that Google considers codes for all other SEO factors that ensure the relevance and validity of your page. This will be used with caution and be completely up to date and accurate.


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